SIGSNA TwitterGet: a Twitter downloading tool

by on 22/03/11 at 12:45 pm

When we started our researches on Twitter propagation we, as many others, used the well known Twapperkeeper service in order to save and download Tweets. Later we moved toward an ad hoc solution which was highly customised for our specific needs and infrastructure.

Recently due to a change in Twitter policy Twapperkeeper removed the export and download capability, leaving many researchers without an important research tool.
We then decided to share a simplified version of our system that should be able to run properly on many systems. You can download it from the tools page. The attached manual should explain everything you need to know to install and use the system.
Please note that this is an alpha version so please give us feedback or request for new functions.
We really hope this will help many researchers looking for a (relatively) simple to installa alternative to Twapperkeeper.

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